If someone had told me eleven years ago, that a woman can be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and survive....I doubt I would have "believed"....yet, like so many other lessons learnt through advocating about this disease, the most crucial piece of information is that with early detection, there IS hope!

Just tune-in to this week's episode of Feel Teal Talk and hear Kimberly's story. don't stop believing!

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  My guest today is a blessed and highly favored ovarian cancer survivor. Kimberly Simmons Emory knows that early detection, awareness, research and never ending hope are keys to beating this horrible disease. Feel Teal Club founder Deb Stevens shares another Teal update, this week highlighting Ovarian Cancer Canada. Today's tune is another one from the playlist for the Walk Teal for a Cure and is dedicated to all the survivors and their JOURNEYS. And for those of your whose holiday journey will be by automobile, your host shares some helpful hints from the chapter "I'm Not Lost" from Floor It! Road Trips Down the Humor Highway. The link for your GPS to laughter (as well as the organizations mentioned on this show) can be located on our podcast's main page. Awareness and early detection saves lives, so let's keep it real and feel the teal!