Definition of 'titan'

Any person having gigantic strength or size...Courage with a fighting spirit!

A Titan of Teal, is all this and more....they too posses courage and a fighting spirit of gigantic proportion.

 Their strength comes in numbers as  the number of warriors continue to grow!

They work as individuals, or as a group, but share a common interest...advocating to raise the status of ovarian cancer! 

Titan of Teal "Badge"

© Feel Teal Club

Sarah shares the love for a sister and the devotion to a cause...

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Titan's Message -

Learn about each Titan as we share their personal tales .....


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Nominate a "TITAN"

If you would like to nominate someone please send an email to titansofteal@mail.com

In the "subject" line, type Titan Nominee

In the "body", include their details and why you think they are a "titan of teal"

Note: This excludes Charity Organisations

Thank you!

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